“Stand Up and Away”                   Guest-Star          Netflix

"Mindhunter"                                 Co-Star               Netflix

“My Crazy Ex”                                Lead                   Lifetime Movie Network

"You Can Do Better"                      Co-Star              TRU TV

"Deadly Sins"                                 Co-Star               Investigation Discovery



"The Last Conception"                        Supporting        Comedic Feature Film

“Cleo & Mason Run This Bitch”          Lead                  Comedic Short Film

“All You Need is Me”                           Lead                  Dramatic Short Film

“Server Life”                                         Lead                  Comedic Short Film

“Dance of Infernos”                             Supporting        Comedic Short Film

“Andy of the Future”                           Supporting         Dramatic Feature Film

“Exchange Transfer Removal”           Co-Lead             Comedic Short Film

Voice Over

"Dynasty Warriors 9"                        Principal             Video Game (Xbox, Playstation)


"Valleho Comedy Collabo"         Sketch Comedy        North Hollywood Fringe 

“Year in Review”                            Sketch Comedy        Black Kat Theater 

Improv Training

The Groundlings – Advanced Level 


Film Training

Joseph Pearlman Acting Academy - Scene stud, character work, audition technique

Scott Sedita Acting Studio – Sitcom comedy technique, comedic character training

Kerrie Keane - Scene study, audition technique


Special Skills

Former collegiate golfer. Ability to play basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, hockey, and volleyball. Can water ski, wakeboard, ice skate and rollerblade. Former corporate financial analyst comfortable with Excel and corporate mumbo jumbo speak.











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