Known for his 8th grade soccer championship, Josh George has set his dreams to even higher standards.  He's your typical former financial analyst with a degree in economics that decided to pursue a career in acting. 


He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona (which can be confused with an oven in the summertime). There he grew up playing various sports such as hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, and golf.  


After sprouting to a height of 6'4, he decided to use this to his advantage and play collegiate golf... He played for Sonoma State University for a year then completely forgot how to swing a club. Realizing golf wasn't for him anymore, he transferred to the Harvard of the West,  Arizona State University. There he completed his degree in Economics. Please don't ask him who his favorite economist is because he doesn't remember anything from college. 

His next 4 years after college were spent in a correctional corporate facility as an Internal Auditor and Financial Analyst. Here he was constrained to a cubicle and forced to stare at endless spreadsheets all day on a computer screen. This made him go Jack Nicholson crazy and have a quarter life crisis. 

He did some soul searching and rediscovered his love for acting  from his high school days. After getting some training and starring in several small projects, it was time to quit his day job and pursue acting full time. 


He has advanced training with The Groundlings and Joseph Pearlman's Acting Academy while living in Los Angeles. 

He's represented by Terrie Snell at TalentInk and JoAnn Smolen at Rage Talent Agency.




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